29th FLO Annual Session
Apr 08, 2013, FICCI, New Delhi
Press Releases
Empower, reward women to rid society of its ills and raise growth rate, Narendra Modi tells delegates at FICCI Ladies Organisation AGM
Apr 08, 2013
Other Past Events
Seminar on 'WTO Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of IPRs and it's Applications'
Mar 27, 2015, Ahmedabad
Seminar on New Age Risks - 2015
Mar 27, 2015, FICCI, New Delhi
Video-Conference on Israel-India: Creating Synergies
Mar 26, 2015, NASSCOM, Delhi Office
Workshop on 'The New Manager'
Mar 26-27, 2015, FICCI, New Delhi
Mar 25-27, 2015, Mumbai
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